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On April 11, 1984, 150 executives and union officials from the entertainment industry gathered at The Burbank Studios to work on an industry-wide program to deal with the problem of substance abuse. Mrs. Betty Ford, the keynote speaker, focused on the solution by introducing the formation of the Entertainment Industry Referral and Assistance Center (EIRAC). Established as an umbrella employee assistance program to serve members of the entertainment industry and their families, EIRAC's doors opened just five months later on September 4, 1984.

EIRAC's history reflects the spirit and tradition of helping our own within the entertainment industry. The functions and objectives of EIRAC are designed to meet the specific needs of entertainment industry employees and all of those involved in it, especially participant employee's families.

Initially, EIRAC and the industry concentrated their efforts on assisting those experiencing problems with substance abuse. As EIRAC proved successful and gained credibility, the industry supported the expansion of EIRAC's mission to include mental health needs, as well. Since its inception, EIRAC has provided services and assistance to thousands of entertainment industry members and their families. And for participating companies, there is never any charge to their employees or family members for EIRAC's services.

In 2015, the Entertainment Industry Referral and Assistance Center (EIRAC) in Los Angeles was integrated into the services of The Actors Fund. The program now occupies an office suite in Local 80 IATSE’s building in Burbank, expanding The Actors Fund’s capacity to improve and increase services to the performing arts and entertainment community in southern California.

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